Head honcho of Dharma Productions Karan Johar has never shied away from speaking his heart and mind out in public. Known for his unabashed attitude and spontaneity, the actor-director and filmmaker never fails to wow us with his witty statements

Not only is Karan a successful producer, a host, a director, he is also a doting daddy to two beautiful kids Yash and Roohi. But little did you know back in 2014, Karan was worried about his future and aspired to start a family and wanted to grow old with either a dog or a child. However, he was clueless at that time that if his idea of having a child doesn't get successful, he might lean towards getting a dog. And now look at him, he is doing his daddy duties with utmost love and honesty.

Karan Johar

Karan at one of his interviews opened up about his life, people and plans ahead with Komal Nahta in a talk show.

Excerpts from Karan's blast from the past interview!

Karan on his biggest fears!

The only thing that gets me worried is aging alone and not having a family to lean on when I'm physically invalid. So, that's my biggest fear in life, is loneliness. I've thought about getting a dog or a child. Those are my two options. It sounds retarded but it's true and I've been discussing it for a while. I think that's what I need because I don't have a relationship, I'm not falling in love, no one's falling in love with me and I'm not going to find the right person to settle down with. In the absence of that, the next best thing is your own genetic pool so that's where I got the idea of having a child. All else fails and if that doesn't work out then there's always a dog to lean on.

Karan on being a dutiful daddy!

I have new energy, new vigour and two wonderful new babies. I'm hoping that with the 2.0 version of my directorial life, I will be able to be that filmmaker who not only danced at a wedding but also made great films.

Not only is Karan's 2.0 version is funny and quirky but his lockdown with his kids is something to look forward to during these dark days. Needless to say, these videos will surely crack you up!