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It's a war between brothers and Twitter became the perfect platform for it.

For all the Football fans, it was an important night as Chelsea played against Arsenal. While we all know that Arjun Kapoor was supporting Chelsea, Ranveer Singh was with Arsenal and brother Harshvardhan Kapoor was on the Manchester United's side. What was next?

Boys will be boys, and there was a serious argument on Twitter. Here's what happened:

Arjun Kapoor wrote: "After catching my breath & recovering I can safely say that's one of the best games of football @ChelseaFC vs @Arsenal take a bow end to end stuff !!! @premierleague #ARSCHE we should have won though anyway as always #KTBFFH !!!"

And it's Alvaroooo Morataaaaaaaaaa

Yup that's exactly what they said when he scored against ur team...

He's basically played so well for Mourinho tonight he's kept United in second

I can imagine how 2nd matters to u considering last year was 5th or 6th right ? U were too far below us for me to keep track, been a while since u guys hovered even at 2nd right ? Stay calm, learn to be classy & focus on ur own team cause BLUE isn't a colour ur team can handle...

Arjun Kapoor was even ready to go on a war with Ranveer Singh by sharing this hilarious picture whic Ranveer later laughed it off.

Well, well, it's just a game after all.