Sumona Chakravarti in bikini
Sumona Chakravarti in bikiniInstagram

Sumona Chakravarti, who is known for playing Bhoori on The Kapil Sharma Show, has spoken about how she had been stereotyped for working on a comedy show. And this time, she has sent out a strong message asking people to stop with their judgemental, stereotypical and chauvinistic behaviour.

Posting a picture of herself wearing a bikini inside a swimming pool, Sumona wrote, "Now u will say why am i wearing a swimsuit? Why am i not covered?
Listen up -
What we wear or don't wear,
What we do or don't,
Whether we drink or smoke,
Wear pants, bikini or a saree,
Whether we're working women or not,
Whether we choose to have children or not,
Whether we choose to marry or not,
Go enrich your life n the ones around you.
Stop with those judgemental, stereotypical, chauvinistic behaviour ✋ That'l be enough for us."

Sumona Chakravarti
Sumona ChakravartiInstagram

Earlier, Sumona had said she feels she is not doing enough as an actor. Apart from her short appearances on Kapil's show, which she has been part of since long, Sumona was last seen in Salman Khan's movie Kick (2014).

Sumona revealed that she doesn't socialise much and she either heads home or catches up with friends after shoot instead of attending parties. The actress also felt that many might have forgotten that she even exists. However, the actress opined that it's extremely important to make one's presence felt if one wishes to continue as an actor.