Although Sumona Charakvarti is widely recognised as Bhoori from The Kapil Sharma Show 2, she feels she is not doing enough as an actor. Apart from her short appearances on Kapil's show, which she has been part of since long, Sumona was last seen in Salman Khan's movie Kick (2014).

Sumona Chakravarti in Mumbai rains
Kapil Sharma Show diva Sumona Chakravarti in Mumbai rains.Instagram

In an interview with Hindustan Times, the 31-year-old opened up of not getting any work in the industry. Sumona revealed that she doesn't socialise much and she either heads home or catches up with friends after shoot instead of attending parties. The actress also felt that many might have forgotten that she even exists. However, the actress opined that it's extremely important to make one's presence felt if one wishes to continue as an actor. 

'I feel people think I'm arrogant'

Sumona Chakravarti in bikini
Sumona Chakravarti in bikiniInstagram

Besides not getting the kind of work she is craving for, the actress pointed out that people often end up misunderstanding her and that added up to her worries. "I feel people think I'm arrogant, will ask for heavy remuneration and so on. That's not true. I want to put it out there for everyone that being an actor, I'd demand what I deserve and I'm ready to negotiate for a good project."

The actress revealed that she had lately realised that she was lacking in her PR skills but now has buckled up and trying to approach people. In fact, she admitted to having asked for work out-rightly.

"My PR skills definitely aren't up to the mark. I realised that quite late... Now, I'm trying to better my approach, meeting people, even calling and messaging them; literally asking for work," explained Sumona, adding that she was under the impression that "you just need to prove yourself with your work and rest will fall in place. But clearly just working hard isn't enough."

About the kind of characters and genres she is focusing on, The Kapil Sharma Show 2 actress said she is looking for a good story and significant character. "The hero-heroine days are gone, the focus is mostly on stories and ensemble cast. Of course, if I get one of the lead parts, I'd love to do it, but then if I'm offered a character essential to the plot, I'd take that, too."  She, however, feels that a psycho character or a police/intelligence officer character will suit her the best.