With coronavirus outbreak and everything shut down and put on health until further notice. The only thing that has gripped the audience in self-isolation mode is watching television. Although there aren't any movie promotions happening GEC's aren't leaving any stone unturned to give their fans teg daily dose of entertainment.

Kapil Sharma in conversation with Hema Malini and Esha Deol

Like every week this weekend on The Kapil Sharma Show, there will be celebs who will be gracing the stage with yet another episode filled with laughter and candid conversation. This week Kapil Sharma's guest in the house will be The Dream Girl of Bollywood aka Hema along with her daughter Esha Deol, who will be debuting as an author.

Esha has penned the book 'Amma Mia', is all about insights, advice, and recipes passed down from one mother to another. Kapil, who is known for his quirky questions and humour, will probe the mother-daughter duo on various aspects of their lives.


Hema Malini

'Dharamji didn't like daughter dancing or entering Bollywood'

Kapil Sharma during candid conversation quizzed the veteran actor about how was Esha's childhood and what made her enter Bollywood, to which Hemaji replied, "Esha was interested in extracurricular activities such as sports and dance. Like in our house, we used to practice dance because and soon she started liking it and wanted to be a professional dancer and expressed her desire to be in Bollywood. However, Dharamji didn't like her daughter dancing or and had an objection to her daughter entering Bollywood."

The Kapil Sharma show

She further added, "Later when Dharamji got to know the type of Nritya(dance) which I do and how people appreciated me and my work, which fortunately made him change his mind and then he accepted her daughters dancing and also Esha's Bollywood debut."


Further, in the show, Esha Deol shared anecdotes behind the making of her book and how she invented and discovered different types of recipes at home, which will be helpful for new mothers and she mentioned that it took more than a year to complete the book and she was also pregnant at that time with the second child.

Check out the video from the sets.

Kapil Sharma praised Hema Malini for choosing a nice name for her daughter. He also added Esha to the list as even her kids have pretty names.

In the teaser, we can see Kapil asking Hema Ji if she has tried Punjabi dishes because of her husband Dharmendra. She tells him she hasn't and adds that when he comes over at her place, he loves to have Idli, sambhar. Kapil laughs saying he is sure the legendary actor does it out of love.

 Kapil spills the beans and tells the audience Esha used to ask a friend, who has a striking resemblance to her voice, to talk over the phone on her behalf to her husband Bharat during their courtship. She reveals she is like her mother in that sense.

Esha then goes on to reveal that her mother once slept during a romantic phone conversation with Dharmendra. The 'Dream Girl' justifies she was tired after working, and love-filled talks are fine only up to a point.

 Catch all the fun banter between the trio this weekend!