Priyanka Chopra Jonas is known for a lot of things, but not for her monkey experience. The actress shared a little story on Kapil Sharma's show a few years back, and it's gold. Few can make actors open up as much as Kapil can.

Bollywood celebrities rarely talk about their life before becoming stars. Priyanka Chopra Jonas bust that myth on Kapil Sharma's show when she appeared in 2017. She recounted one experience from her childhood, which was truly unforgettable.

Priyanka Chopra on Kapil Sharma's Show
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Priyanka Chopra's hilarious monkey story

The Kapil Sharma Show is all about the laughs. Usually, the onus is on the comedians to make the audience laugh. Every once in awhile when Bollywood guests come on the show they make the comedian's job a little easier by being their funniest selves. When Priyanka Chopra came on the show in January 2017, she did so too. 

The internationally-acclaimed actress sat down with Kapil for a chat, and as it progressed, with all the laughter Priyanka opened up. It started with Kapil's English and then some about Priyanka's Hollywood experience. It was all fine up until here. Then Kapil began talking about animals, how dogs yawn and Priyanka pointed out that she learnt trivia on this show every time she came. With sarcastic encouragement, Kapil spoke about monkeys, and his experience with a monkey at a temple once. 

His experience was the key to Pandora's box, as Kapil finished his tale and thought he was alone, Priyanka chipped in with hers, "No, no. I have a monkey story too if we're talking about monkeys." Kapil asks, "Which one?" Priyanka obliges, "I was in the third standard..." Kapil asks, "Really?" The actress continued, "I was in Lucknow and on our school campus there was a tree where a lot of monkeys would come. So one female monkey, I don't know, was cleaning herself, and I found it very funny. So I was standing and laughing at her loudly, 'Hahahaha! Look at how she's cleaning herself!' She came down, she looked at me, slapped me and then went back up." 

Kapil Sharma and the audience obviously burst into peels of laughter. Priyanka validated her story by pointing to her mother who was in the audience, "You remember Mom?" Her mother nodded. Priyanka then points out a revelation to Kapil who had shared an embarrassing monkey story before her, "I was slapped by a monkey. So you have a highlight and I have a highlight."

Getting carried away Kapil Sharma says, "A monkey bit me once too..." Priyanka cuts him off before it got out of hand, "Moving on!" Kapil Sharma exclaims, "With so many big achievements we're talking about monkeys." True that.