'Why does every boxer chew pan before boxing?':Angry Mary Kom hits back at Kapil Sharma for poking fun at boxers; comedian apologises
'Why does every boxer chew pan before boxing?':Angry Mary Kom hits back at Kapil Sharma for poking fun at boxers; comedian apologisesInstagram

Kapil Sharma is known for his humour and witty one-liners. The comedian-turned-actor garners a huge fan following. Kapil never fails to tickle the funny bones of his fans and celebrities.

After the success of Kapil Sharma's show on TV, his talk show is streaming on Netflix, titled The Great Indian Kapil Show, which streams on Saturday. Several celebrities and sports personalities have graced Kapil's show. This Saturday, Sania Mirza, Mary Kom and Saina Nehwal graced Kapil's show.

Kapil's jokes are loved by celebrities to an extent; however, it's not every time that his jokes land safely or are perceived well.

Kapil Sharma for pokes fun at boxers; angry Mary Kom reacts

On Saturday, Kapil Sharma cracked a joke about Saina's badminton, and Sania's gold medals and time and again spoke back to boxers being angry. Mary Kom was not okay with too many jokes about angry boxers on The Great Indian Kapil Show.

Mary confessed she was getting angry by the recurring jokes about boxing

It all started with Kapil talking to Mary about the mouthguards often sported by boxers. "Mary, when I watch boxing in movies, the coach would put something in the boxer's mouth before the match, the denture guard... I used to wonder, 'Why does every boxer chew pan before boxing?' I came to know about this quite late," he said.

Mary's expressions changed and Kapil sensed she was getting angry.

Here's what happened!

Kapil told Mary, "Don't be angry."

Mary said, "No, I am not, I have never been angry but now, you are enraging me. You've been pulling my leg."

While Archana teased her by saying, "Show him how angry you can be, Mary."

Kapil also tried to calm her down.

Mary then said, "We wear the guard to protect our teeth. Not only in boxing but it is used for ice hockey as well. But you just pointed out boxing."

Kapil apologised, "Maaf karo.."

Mary said, letting his jokes pass. "This is my bread and butter."

"Don't be angry," Kapil concluded.

Apart from this moment, Mary Kom enjoyed the rest of the episode. She laughed at several jokes and shared insights about her illustrious career. During the show, Mary introduced a family member and a friend to Kapil, asking if they could take a picture with him. Kapil graciously agreed, promising to take the photos once the episode wrapped up.