It was on July 4 through Twitter that Kanye West first announced his 'White House' dream. The rapper may have missed his chance to be on the majority of ballots for the Presidential election this year, but that hasn't stopped him from being a Joe Biden spoiler in 2020 and a hopeful candidate for 2024.

Kim Kardashian's husband has sparked strong reactions, from ridicule to outrage, by sharing a ballot that shows him as a write-in presidential candidate. The meme fest too invariably followed.

Kanye West

A vote for Kanye West means...

A vote for Trump, said a lot of voters on Twitter. Social media users were quick to respond, some with their wits intact, others downright furious.

"He is splitting the votes. He can't even win," said a user after a string of expletives.

"Imagine if Kanye West becomes president and this is his Presidential inauguration." Well, if Kanye West becomes the President, then Kim Kardashian will be the First Lady.

But what the media, social media and political analysts have failed to put a finger on are his motives of running for the President. Or, "walking," as he has once put it.

Imagine a West in the White House

Having made no more than a couple of campaign appearances, many of those on the inside watching him have cast serious doubts over his political skills. However, there is no denying his potential to be a strong spoiler and splitting votes for Joe Biden. A fact that Democrats have openly voiced.

West, in the meanwhile, has been disqualified to get on the ballot in as many as five states; namely, Ohio, Illinois, West Virginia, Montana and Wisconsin. It may be mathematically impossible for him to become the President, but West has spoken about the things he'd do if given a chance. Which is, "restore prayers in the classroom, more government support for religious groups, police reforms and reducing household and student loan debts." The rapper presumably is happy to be flaunting just the ballots he is listed on amidst the presidential bid.