Singer Kanye West with daughter North/Instagram
Singer Kanye West with daughter North/Instagram

Kanye West has become the latest victim of websites that post fake stories.

An article claiming that the rapper scored 106 points against a wheelchair basketball team has gone viral on social media, but the article is fake.

The fake article was published after West's recent concert wheelchair incident "Wheelchair-Gate" stirred controversy. The rapper landed in controversy last weekend when he asked his fans - one who was on a wheelchair and another with prosthetic leg – to stand up and dance at a show in Sydney.

The fake article was published by a satirical website Daily Currant on Wednesday. The website reported that in a charity basketball match organised between West and a team of handicapped children, West scored 106 points.

The game was supposedly a PR move after the controversy erupted last weekend. Initially, both the teams were supposed to play in wheelchairs, but the rapper decided to play normally, the website reported.

The website even added a fake quote of the event organiser. "Both teams were supposed to be playing in wheelchairs but Kanye's camp said West would be playing the 'normal' way," the website quoted organiser as saying.

The story went viral on social media and received more than 34,000 Facebook likes. While some people believed that West actually played match with handicapped children, several others made fun of the rapper.

Here are some tweets:

"But wtf is Kanye West doing at a charity basketball game for kids in wheel chairs?? And why would they let him play minus the wheel chair??"

"So what's up with Kanye West playing a basketball team of wheelchair guys? Lol really this guy is pathetic."

"The article about kanye west scoring 106 points on a wheelchair basketball team is too funny"

"Kanye West solidifies his position as world's biggest bellend by beating a bunch of kids in wheelchairs at basketball"

"The story about Kanye West scoring 106 points against a wheelchair basketball team is false but it is something he would do"

"Either you guys are messing or you're just gullible. Really think that Kanye west basketball game vs wheelchair users is real?"