Dolly singh national level kabbadi player
National level Kabbadi player, Dolly Singh, was allegedly assaulted by a group of 10-12 boys on 12 June.Twitter/ANI

A national level Kabbadi player was allegedly manhandled by a group of 10 to 12 boys for complaining against an assault.

The incident occurred on 12 June in Uttar Pradesh's Kanpur city.

A group of boys, with their faces covered, barged into Dolly Singh's house. They first allegedly abused her then beat her up. The boys were armed with sticks and guns.

Singh suffered severe injuries to her nose and forehead.

She alleged that they beat her up for complaining against some villagers who had assaulted her around a month ago.

"When I had come back home a month back, some locals in the village had mistreated me," Singh told ANI.

Meanwhile, Singh's father has alleged that the police took no action and did not even register an FIR when his daughter filed a complaint a month ago.

"We went to police, they said okay we'll register a case, but soon that went cold. Then we went to the DIG, they tried to console us and then turned us away," IBN Live quoted the father of the national level player as saying.