Kannada actor Chandan Kumar has been assaulted allegedly by a technician on the sets of his Telugu serial Srimathi Srinivas. The incident occurred on Sunday.

What's in the Video?
A video of the purported incident is now out on social media sites where Chandan Kumar is being confronted by a few men on the sets. During the heated verbal exchanges, one person assaults him.

Chandan Kumar Assaulted
Chandan Kumar assaulted.Screenshot

However, Chandan is seen avoiding the conversation and trying to calm down the situation in the clip. The angry technicians are seen questioning him whether "you are a superstar?' and demanding an apology from him.

Chandan is also seen apologizing with folded hands at some point.

However, it is not clear what led to the incident although some media houses have claimed that the crew was upset with Chandan for abusing an assistant director.

Responding to the incident, Chandan expressed his disappointment over the incident. "It started off with a small incident. My mother is hospitalized over a heart issue and I have not had proper sleep.

When the assistant called me for the shot, I said give me five minutes as I am having a headache. But he made some loose comments and my assistant did not like the language he used against me. So, the confrontation started there,"

Chandan said that people worked on the sets worked like siblings but this incident has hurt him a lot. "As we worked together, we had the leniency to talk and he then went to the director and complained about it," the actor said.

However, the former Bigg Boss Kannada contestant claimed that he is not escalating the issue although he is hurt. "There is non-stop shooting. It is a small incident and I want to leave the incident behind," he concluded.

Chandan has worked in popular serials like Radha Kalyana, Lakshmi Baramma, Marali Mansagide, etc.

He also played the lead role in Prema Baraha, the launchpad of Arjun Sarja's daughter Aishwarya.