abeer arora

A few days ago, Abeer dropped his latest track romantic, drive song Beja Beja. The song is composed, rendered, and penned by a multifaceted pop star himself.

Given that amid the current pandemic, long drives are out of the question. However, Arora's track will take you on a nostalgia trip. The music video of the song has been shot in Goa, the breathtaking visuals are a treat for anyone who misses the pristine locales.

In an exclusive conversation with International Business Times, India Abeer spoke at length about his recently released song, what kind of music he loves to listen and which Bollywood actor he wishes to lend his voice for and more.

Edited excerpts from the conversation:

Abeer Arora

Tell us about your latest song Beja Beja, what makes it unique?

I think the simplicity makes it special. It's a cute, trendy and a super catchy number. So my aim, when I was working on this project, was to make something jovial and even if the non-Punjabi listeners listen to it, they could understand what I'm saying. I am glad people have liked my work. I am getting a good response for the song.

How was it collaborating again with Manj Musik?

It was great, as I have known him for three years now. He is not only my friend but also a good friend of mine. He's been in the industry for than 18 years now and has a lot of experience and I think collaborating, in general, is always good because you can be experimental and mix-match things.

Abeer arora

Share your experiences shooting for the song in Goa?

We shot the video in Goa and, it might sound strange many but I had never been to Goa before; Therefore it was on my bucket list. The moment I got to know we are shooting there, I was super happy and stroked. It was amazing shooting there, the weather was fantastic so I worked and chilled at the same time (laughs).

What kind of genres intrigue you?

I really like Hip hop and the new fusion thing that's happening right now. I would love to do something like that. I don't really limit myself when I'm making music. I want to do all type of stuff. All I care about is the end product to sound amazing.

What genres of music appeal to your ears?

I listen to everything. From folk Punjabi to classic Hindi, Shayari and even Arabic, German songs too. I believe inspiration can come from anywhere.

What is your take on remixers?

I think it's great! Remixing or remaking a song isn't easy at all. You got to think extra hard and there's always pressure because if you're remaking something, you got to add value to the song and not degrade or ruin it for the people. I did a remake in 2017 of "Kangana Tera Ni" and I got an amazing response. It has more 30 million views and it's still growing every day.

Honey Singh

Actors you would want to lend you voice to?

There are a lot of talented actors but I would love to do something like Honey Singh did in "Dheere Dheere" with Hritik Roshan. I think it would be awesome!

Abeer Arora

Upcoming Projects?

Got a lot of projects on the way! My quarantine was super productive. I made and composed a lot of songs so expect a lot of tunes. I've got a lot of collaboration projects coming as well so It's gonna be great! Can't wait for people to see what I have in store.