Kangana Ranaut and Hrithik Roshan have been at odds for the longest and still are, even today. The two will never make it past their difference, with all the mud-slinging and bashing that's been engaged in. Even though the two appear to have moved on, they never really escape it do they?

When it comes to net worth, the two Bollywood stars are known for blockbuster hits, critical acclaim and social status. In this case, it seems to be a level playing field. However, there can only be one winner. 

Kangana Ranaut and Hrithik Roshan
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Kangana Ranaut's net worth

Kangana Ranaut has made a formidable name for herself in the industry. With her power-packed performances and unshakeable opinions, she has established time and time again that when it comes to Bollywood she was there to stay. Apart from acting, she has modelled and is a filmmaker. Taking all of it into account, reports suggest the actress' net worth is $13 million, approximately INR 83 crores which has grown by 37% over the past few years. 

The actress charges around between INR 1 and 1.5 crores as endorsement fees and her average movie remuneration is INR 11 crores. The actress resides in Mumbai and owns a home in Manali that is valued at a whopping INR 30 crores. She has also established an organic farm, horse stables and a Victorian cottage on the property. The actress also owns luxury cars including, a BMW 7 series, and a Mercedes Benz GLE SUV. While she pays a high-income tax, she doesn't contribute as much towards charity. 

Kangana Ranaut Manikarnika Success Party
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Hrithik Roshan's net worth

Hrithik Roshan has been around a while as a mega superstar and has long since reigned as Bollywood's resident heartthrob that few have matched up to. The actor has been known for his stellar roles and supreme dancing abilities. Apart from this, he comes from a film family. In 2019 the actor was considered one of the highest-paid actors in the world, and has a net worth of around INR 2680 crores, reports suggest. Don't faint.

The actor's average movie remuneration stands at around INR 45 crores, and he charges, wait for it, just INR 8 crores as endorsement fee, reportedly. With personal investments that come up to INR 1250 crores alone, when you add it to the value of the 12 luxury cars he owns, INR 25 crores, then this is the value you get. The actor has multiple luxury homes around the world as well. What's more, is that his net worth is likely to grow by 40% over the next few years.

Hrithik Roshan
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Clearly, with a margin as wide as the ocean, Hrithik Roshan wins this round hands down. No contest.