Kangana Ranaut's sister Rangoli Chandel is quite vocal about everything under the sun, be it politics, film actors or journalists. Well, the world is all praise for Taapsee Pannu's Thappad but it is Rangoli who is making headlines for starting a debate on Twitter about consent, abuse, BDSM, slapping and spanking.

Rangoli's Tweet read as: "I think if my partner slaps me I will leave him temporarily send him out of the house and make him live alone for months or years, may not leave him forever if he suffers his mistake and apologies,"

"I asked Kangana she said she will probably demolish someone who slaps her but she likes when her partner spanks her, I was confused I asked what is spanking? She said it's like a slap only but not on face cheek but on butt cheek .... oh!! Now I am even more confused (sic)" added Rangoli.

Kangana Ranaut, sister Rangoli Chandel
Kangana Ranaut, sister Rangoli ChandelVarinder Chawla

Adding fuel to the fire her next Tweet read as,

"Dear friends I want to know is it ok for your partner to slap your butt cheek but not your cheek, why face cheek gets more privileges than butt cheeks? why is butt cheek being treated like an outsider?"

She reiterated later and confessed Kangna scolded her for sharing private information. She even said that Kangana told her it's all about consent at the end of the day.

But things got murky when a news publication wrote an open letter to the actress.

Rangoli didn't stop and started to abuse.