Kangana Ranaut's first look in Thalaivi
Kangana Ranaut's first look in Thalaivi.Instagram

Kangana Ranaut amazed with the first look and teaser of Thalaivi which is an upcoming biopic on Jayalalithaa. And the actress did her every bit to look for the part.

Speaking about her drastic transformation Kangana said to Mid Day, "Vijay (producer) wanted me to resemble her as closely as possible. She (Jayalalithaa) endured a drastic physical transformation in her life. Having grown up as a Bharatanatyam dancer, she had an hour-glass figure. Then, when she joined politics, she had an accident which demanded that she be injected with huge doses of steroids. While we could not depict all of that, we did take measures (to resemble her during these phases)," she said.

Kangana had to gain 6 kilos and was struggling to gain weight. The actress revealed that she took mild dose of hormone pills since she is tall and lean but had to put on weight near the belly and thighs. She has also started eating food that helped her gain weight.

The makers of the movie have teamed up with Jason Collins for the prosthetic. "His team made a structure that was suitable to make me look voluptuous. During the portions showcasing her as a young politician, we aimed to only make my face look fuller. As for the rest of the body, it took the team seven hours each day to acquire the look. The hands had to be re-done, and different kinds of pads were used for different parts of the body," Kangana said who also underwent Bharatnatyam and Tamil language sessions to play the role.