Sona Mohapatra, Kangana Ranaut, Rangoli Chandel
Sona Mohapatra, Kangana Ranaut, Rangoli ChandelInstagram

Sona Mohapatra has slammed Kangana Ranaut for turning into a 'monster' after finding power in the industry. The singer also hoped Kangana would recover from the mess she has created for herself in the past few years.

"When women fight an oppressive power structure,overcome obstacles & succeed,it's a worthy celebration like nothing else!When they,thereafter BECOME the monsters they fought after finding power & learn the worst from the bullies,it's such a tragedy. #KanganaRanaut hope u recover," Sona Mohapatra tweeted.

She further added, "Fighting for a more equal & fair world is not about women becoming more like men or vice versa. Hopefully more women climbing the professional ladder or occupying positions of power in numbers at par with their male counterparts will only infuse the biotope with kinder energies."

On the other hand, Sona also slammed Kangana's sister Rangoli Chandel who had been spewing venom on whoever she could find on social media. Rangoli had come out in support of director Sandeep Reddy Vanga who advocated his perception of love in Kabir Singh. Sona gave a befitting reply to Rangoli who wished to demolish those who criticised Vanga for his views on love.

"This is how we need to demolish fake feminazi and movie mafia's selective outrage, discrimination and outsiders bullying well done friends!!!" Rangoli tweeted in support of Vanga. To which, Sona replied, "'Fake Feminazi = fake being opposite of genuine,Nazi being a cuss word.. means someone like you, whose not a feminist ? You need to demolish all such non 'feminists', you mean? Like yourself? ( P.S You are sounding deranged. Do yourself a favour,take a break, find your bearings)."

Kangana Ranaut has yet again launched a scathing attack on a certain section of the media after the Entertainment Journalists' Guild of India decided to boycott the actress until she apologises for her misbehaviour at the Sunday event. The guild accepted Ekta Kapoor's apology but said that the ban on Kangana will continue across all media platforms. 

In a video statement, Kangana thanked one section of the media for helping climb the ladder of success and slammed the other section of the media calling them termites, pseudo-journalists and traitors of the country.

Kangana even begged the media to ban her because she doesn't want those guys to make money out of her. "A section of journalists are hurting the country's pride, integrity and equality like termites, by spreading false rumours and values of anti-national treachery. Yet there's no penalty or punishment for them in the Constitution. These are sold-out journalists. If they were really secular, they wouldn't attack the country on religious matters," Kangana said in the video posted by Rangoli on social media platforms.

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