Kamal Haasan
Kamal Haasan.PR Handout

Kamal Haasan has raised his voice against Union Home Minister Amit Shah's Hindi Diwas comment. The Ulaganayagan has expressed his displeasure over the BJP leader's idea of 'one nation one language' policy, while warning him of Jallikattu-kind of protest if the language is forcefully imposed on the people, whose mother tongue is not Hindi. 

The multifaceted talent, who is also the founder of MNM party, has released his statement through a video on his social media pages and said, "The unity in diversity is a promise made when we made India into a republic. Now, no Shah, Sultan or Samrat should renege on the promise. We respect all languages but our mother language will always be Tamil. Jallikattu was just a protest, the battle for all language will be exponentially bigger than that. India or Tamil Nadu doesn't need or deserve such a battle,"

The 64-year old stated that India sings the National Anthem despite being written in Bengali as it gives due respect to all the language and cultures. He added, "Most of the nation, happily sings the National Anthem in Bengali with pride and will continue to do so. The reason is the poet who wrote the National Anthem gave due respect to all the language and culture within the anthem,"

"Hence, it became our anthem. Do not make an inclusive India into exclusive one. All will suffer because of such short-signed folly," Kamal Haasan, who has acted in many Hindi films that include Ek Duuje Ke Liye and Sadma, in the last four decades.

Amit Shah, on Hindi Diwas, which is celebrated on 14 September every year, stressed on the need to have a unifying language in the country and emphasised on making Hindi the national language of the country.

"Today, on the occasion of Hindi Day, I appeal to all the citizens of the country that we should increase the use of our mother tongue and also use Hindi language, realizing the dream of Bapu and iron man Sardar Patel of one language of the country." The BJP leader ended the tweet wishing everyone a Happy Hindi Diwas.

Amit Shah's comment have met with severe criticism from the South Indian political parties.