Kamal Haasan in Bigg Boss Tamil 2
Kamal Haasan has been praised for coming to Ponnambalam’s rescue on Bigg Boss Tamil 2.Vijay TV Facebook Page

The last 15 minutes of Sunday's Bigg Boss Tamil show were probably one of the best moments in the second season of the show as Kamal Haasan became the voice of the public. The host not only came to Ponnambalam's rescue, but he sent a message to the contestants that they all look "fake."

Kamal Haasan started the last segment of the weekend show by saying that whistling when someone is being punished is unacceptable. Ramya intervened and told the host that she could not forget Ponnambalam's offensive language against Aishwarya.

The Bigg Boss Tamil host reminded her that Ponnambalam had already apologised for the two-week old episode, but Ramya was not convinced for which the host reacted, "We have all seen him asking apology,"

It seemed like Ramya and many other inmates were clueless about Ponnambalam's apology and neither Aishwarya nor Yashika had bothered to inform the contestants about it.

Kamal Haasan compared Ananth's behaviour like a grandfather protecting their grandchildren, while Ponnambalam acting like a father when they are going out of track. He told the inmates that the eliminated contestant would not have taken Ponnambalam's name had he known about the apology.

Kamal Haasan claimed that Ponnambalam was being punished for the mistake for which he had already apologised. He did not entertain to hear the further views about the incident indicating that the issue is over.

The host reminded all the inmates that they all look "fake" as they are trying to control their emotions in order to look good in front of the camera. "The show has entered the third week and none of them have impressed the viewers yet," he said.

The manner in which Ponnambalam was defended, while also justifying Ananth's decision to suggest name has been highly praised.

⚡️ ⚡️: #KamalHaasan sir's whiplashes to all those 4 crooks #AishwaryaDutta #Yashika #Mahat & #Shariq . Good advice to #Ramya too , kootahoda govinda podathinga .. thappuku thunai poradhum thappu than , You'll be tthrown out #BiggBossTamil2 #BiggBoss2Tamil

Hemanth: What a Climax with Semma twist.
@ikamalhaasan sir gave a terrific speech.
Last 15 mins was like totally FIRE.
Every word spoke by #KamalHaasan sir was the voice of the public...
Truly Ungal-Naan.
@vijaytelevision @KamalHaasanFans

Balaji Duraisamy: Last 15 mins of #BiggBoss2Tamil was Fantastic for 2 points
1.The way KH handled the prison issue and #Ponambalam deserves his support.
2. #KamalHaasan openly admits there is no favorite contestant in this session till now and am happy the weekends r going really well!GUTS

Dr Ajith Kumar: What a spectacular biggboss episode it was. Mr. Maiam ( @ikamalhaasan ), huge salute to you. The way you understand and address issues with sheer clarity is simply impeccable sir. #BiggBoss2Tamil #BiggBossTamil #KamalHaasan #Maiam @sripriya @nasser_kameela @maiamofficial

Sathish Kumar M: #BiggBossTamil After @ikamalhaasan last 15 minuets straight forward speech, we can expect lots of changes from the contestants this week.

This time many contestants are brave. They know how to judge audience support from the claps in the show & will act accordingly this week.

Nisha: #BiggBossTamil2 #BiggBossTamil
Ponnabalam sir don't worry many of us support you! you said what the majority of the audience were thinking

Why Ananth sent Ponnambalam to jail?

Ananth sent Ponnambalam to jail in the Bigg Boss house, using his special power before he left the show. He had his objections over the latter's views about his advice to the inmates to behave well as the show is being watched by all age groups and it might affect their own lives.

The musician apparently misunderstood Ponnambalam's comments and it seemed like Ananth took the actor's name for using foul language during a conversation with Aishwarya and Yashika without knowing about the apology.