Kamaal R Khan (KRK)
Kamaal R Khan (KRK).Twitter

Kamaal R Khan, popularly known as KRK, has introduced his childeren to the world. The "Desh Drohi" actor, who is very active on Twitter, shared two photos on Thursday, revealing his daughter Farah Kamaal Khan and son Faisal Kamaal Khan.

KRK visited Shah Rukh Khan at his Dubai residence on 31 December along with his kids. It was not known that Kamaal R Khan has children, and this pictures came as a big surprise. While Kamaal R Khan himself shared the photos on Twitter, he denied having any children when one leading daily quizzed him.

"Bacche? Mere bacche? Kaunse bacche? Mere bacche nahin hain (Kids? My kids? Which kids? I don't have any kids)," KRK told Mumbai Mirror when asked about the pictures.

However, after denying having kids, KRK again took to Twitter and said Faisal and Farah are his children, but he has been keeping them away from the media for their safety. It is a little strange that KRK first shared the photos of his kids himself, but later denied having any children and again said he had kept them away from the world for their own safety.

Although, KRK has revealed about his children, there is no confirmed information on his wife or girlfriend, if any. One earlier report in Zee News said KRK had once announced his marriage with a girl named Smita Kamal on Twitter.

"Whole twitter family is invited for my marriage with @JustSmita (sic)." KRK had tweeted some time ago. The girl also responded, tweeting: "God has givn me @kamaalrkhan ;) Tu Jaan se Pyaara Ho Gaya... #deshdrohi #myfavsong @kamaalrkhan. Dont look for Love! Love will find you!! N here's sm Real Love n kisses for @kamaalrkhan (sic)."

Although, the girl's Twitter handle is still active, her name appears to be Smita Allex now, and the tweets have apparently been deleted.

Earlier, Kamaal R Khan, who is known for his controversial tweets, also proposed to TV actress Sara Khan, adding that he had broken up with his Moroccan girlfriend. "Its official that yesterday I have broken up with my Moroccan girlfriend Sabah but today I am already in love with Sara khan TV actress (sic)," he had tweeted.

Reacting to the tweet, Sara told The Times of India: "I was shocked to learn about KRK'S tweet. I am not tech-savvy, so I have not yet checked his tweets. I came to know of his tweets from friends and well-wishers, and am highly disturbed. I tried to call him but he didn't answer my calls."