KRK and Mohanlal
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Kamaal R Khan, aka KRK, shows no signs of stopping his mudslinging campaign against Malayalam superstar Mohanlal. Continuing his jibes at the national-award winning actor, KRK now shared a video that shows Mohanlal making vulgar gestures at a public event.

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KRK took to Twitter and shared an old video showing Mohanlal making vulgar gestures with his hand. The video is from an award function.

The self-proclaimed critic shared the video with the caption saying, "Instead of abusing me you dumb fans of @Mohanlal should explain, what he was doing with his hand in a public function. He is shameless".

The post from KRK has received serious flak from Mohanlal fans. The Deshdrohi actor's account is getting flooded with abuses. It all started after KRK said the 56-year-old actor looks like Chotta Bheem. The comment was made apropos to the news of Mohanlal playing the character of Bheem from Mahabharata.

"Sir @Mohanlal you look like Chota Bheem so then how will u play role of Bheem in Mahabharata? Why do you want to waste money of BR Shetty?," KRK had tweeted. The tweet invited a series of abuses from Mohanlal fans.

However, that did not stop KRK from making more insulting tweets about the veteran actor. He went on to say Mohanlal looked like a joker in his movies. Now, KRK has taken the clash to whole new level by sharing the video of Mohanlal. However, Mohanlal has been keeping a dignified silence on the fight.

Check the video here: