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Kalki Koechlin had shocked everyone when she announced her pregnancy with her boyfriend Guy Hershberg in September. She was five months pregnant then. The actress is currently in her third trimester and looking forward to the due date in January next year. She has now revealed that her pregnancy was unexpected and didn't feel the maternal instinct during the initial months.

"This was an unexpected pregnancy. In the first two months, I didn't feel any maternal instinct. It felt like an alien invasion, where this little thing was acting like a vampire, sucking out everything from my body. When I heard the heartbeat for the first time, I got excited. The first trimester was bad, but I am through that phase and looking forward to the due date in January," Kalki Koechlin was quoted as saying by Mid Day in an interview.

Kalki also said that she and her boyfriend are not in a hurry to get married just because she's pregnant. Her boyfriend Guy, who is from Israel has just moved to India. She added that they will consider getting married if their child faces issues with documentation, bureaucracy and school registrations.

"We are not averse to marriage, but we don't want to rush into it just because I am pregnant. If it is necessary for the documentation, bureaucracy and school registrations of our child, we will consider it. But when it comes to our romantic commitments, we have enough validation from each other, and our families, too," she said.