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Ever since the trailer of Karan Johar's – Kalank – came out, while one section of the audience has been going gaga over the epic love story the plot seems to be and the other section of the audience can't stop comparing and alleging that the film's plot is a copy. Fans have pointed out that the film bears immense resemblance to the story of the book – What the Body Remembers – by the author Shauna Singh Baldwin.

Set up during the times of partition, the book also has the plot where two women get married to the same man. Actor Varun Dhawan, who is playing an integral part in the film has refused to acknowledge any such similarities. Talking about it, as per a report in DNA, Varun said that since he has not read the book he doesn't have any idea about the comparisons that are being made. He also added that the actual premise of their film was not shown in the trailer and hence it might have appeared so. But, in reality the premise is something else which is much more than just a love story.

Audience have also alleged that even the name of the characters – Alia Bhatt as Roop and Sonakshi Sinha as Satya are similar to that in the book. To which, Varun said that people should make any conclusions only after watching the film. He also said that Karan Johar had this idea in his head for a long, long time and added that the names being similar could have been a coincidence since no one would keep the same name if they had to copy something.

Well, what actual premise is Varun Dhawan talking about and how far are these allegations correct, remains to be seen.