Kajol has always been a doting and protective mother her daughter Nysa and son Yug. She's a hands-on mother when it comes to taking care of her children. And now that the actress is spending a lot of quality time with her family, she has revealed that they have a fair share of disagreements on various subjects.

The actress, who is quite active on social media, decided to have a chat with her fans in an Ask Me Anything session on Instagram. While interacting with her fans, Kajol answered questions on her fights with her children, Nysa's much-awaited Bollywood debut and shared an advice for mothers in lockdown.

Ajay Devgn, Nysa, Kajol and Yug

When a fan asked Kajol to choose between Nysa and Yug, she replied like any mother would, "My daughter is my heart and my son is my lungs" and called them 'Heera aur Moti' adding that Yug is entertaining.

When she was asked 'what is that one thing' that she has fought with them about, she replied, "What have we not fought about should be the question."

Speaking about Nysa making her Bollywood debut, Kajol clearly said no and when she was further prodded on her dreams, Kajol replied that right now she just wants to be a twelth pass.

Kajol, Nysa Devgn
Kajol, Nysa Devgn return to Mumbai from SingaporeVarinder Chawla

Kajol also admitted that she has become the most annoying person in her family during lockdown so much as that she has even began irritating herself.

Earlier, while addressing the trolling of his daughter Nysa, Kajol told Pinkvilla, "I think its horrible. As a parent you always think that your child doesn't get hurt. And that's something that you will always feel. And when something like this (trolling) happens, thank god, Nysa was not here when it happened. She was in Singapore and didn't realize what was going on here."