It's World Environment Day today, the time of the year when people reflect on the environment and show some consciousness to discuss and understand climate change. This year, celebrities also have come forward to promote environmental consciousness in fans and followers amid the pandemic and ongoing Coronavirus crisis. 

Many in the Bollywood industry came forward to promote awareness and talk about the environment. Bollywood A-listers are also driving the conversation on World Environment to spread awareness about the planet and sustainability.

Celebrities on World Environment Day

Bollywood comes forward to fight climate change

Due to the influential power Bollywood wields over the population, when it comes to a cause, most want actors and celebrities to be rallying on their side amid the pandemic. So on days like World Environment Day, Bollywood's consciousness speaks volumes about their responsibility as public personalities. 

Bhumi Pednekaer started campaigning and driving consciousness earlier this week as World Environment Day approached. Today, many celebrities including Ajay Devgn and Kajol came forward in their own way to pledge support to the cause and to encourage environmentally conscious behaviour. Moreover, the recent case of the dead elephant that ate a firecracker in pineapple has made this need for consciousness even more apparent. Conservation is a huge part of fighting climate change.

Celebrities took to social media to discuss climate change:

Lately, many celebrities have been speaking up on social issues plaguing the world, but netizens have been sceptical seeing that Bollywood celebrities don't address a lot of issues they should.