Celebrities Slap
A collage of the screen shots taken from the videos in which South Indian stars lost cool in public.YouTube screenshots

Film stars have special status in the hearts of people in South India. Fans express their respect and love for his icon in numerous of ways which cannot be seen in any other part of the world. From 'paal abhishekam' to the cutouts of their favourite actors to doing charities in the name of the actor, they do everything to display their affection in public.

The problem that comes with the love is people expect stars to behave well in public as they consider them to be the role models. People forget the fact that stars are normal human being like us and they too would lose their cool if they get irrigated. Here, we are bringing you five such instances when the big names from South India  were caught in their angry avatars. 

Kajal Aggarwal Almost Slaps a Fan
Kajal Aggarwal was captured in angry avatar in real life when she attended the launch of a retail store in Chennai. There was a huge gathering at the venue which had come to take a glimpse of her. Despite bouncers to look after her safety, she was apparently inappropriately touched and the actress lost her cool. She snapped at the person for his behaviour before storming out of the event.

Suriya Yells at Youth for Speeding
Suriya was the centre of controversy for allegedly assaulting a youth over rash driving. According to the reports, the boy had rammed into the car of a woman and got into a verbal duel with her. The actor, who arrived on the spot, without hearing the other side of the story, assumed the boy to be at the fault and slapped him. However, the actor admitted to have yelled at the youth, but denied to have assaulted him.

The video of the incident had shown Suriya yelling at the youth, but it did not establish the allegations of the actor slapping the youth.

Mammootty Hits a Fan
The fans of Mammootty have often complained that he does not socialise with them like the way Mohanlal does with his fans. True to their belief, the Mollywood star was caught in camera hitting the hand of a fan who tried to give a shake hand. The incident occurred in 2008 during the promotion of his film Roudram.

Balakrishna Slaps
If there is list of highest number of times when stars got angry in public, Telugu star Balakrishna's name will feature in the top place. He is caught on camera on numerous occasions when he slapped his fans who had tried to take selfies. One such video can be seen below:

Khushbu Sundar Hits a Fan
Khushbu Sundar got angry with the person who came too close to her and allegedly tried to grope her. The angry actress slapped the person. The incident occurred during an election rally in Bengaluru.