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Actress Kajal Aggarwal has finally opened up about her role in Pawan Kalyan's "Sardaar Gabbar Singh" (SGS). She has said she will be seen as a princess in the movie, eight years after her royal turn in "Magadheera."

Kajal Aggarwal is the female lead in "Sardaar Gabbar Singh", but very few were aware of her role in the movie. The makers of the film had kept the details of her role tightly under wraps. The teaser of the flick, which was released recently, offered a glimpse of her look in it, but that was not enough to deduce her role.

Kajal Aggarwal spilled the beans on her role while talking to an English newspaper. "It's a very contemporary character, unlike Indu from 'Magadheera,' who was a princess from another era. Yes, I play royalty, but hail from a small town. So it's a very interesting character sketch. I will be seen dressed in exquisite Indian attires," the Times of India quoted her as saying.

Kajal has worked with all the leading Telugu actors, but has teamed up with Pawan Kalyan for the first time. However, she did not find it difficult working with him. "You don't really have to work with a person multiple times to ensure you have a rapport. When two people's ideas and working styles are in sync, working together becomes easy. That's how it was with Pawan," she said.

The actress said she was in awe of Pawan Kalyan's personality and could not stop praising the Power Star. "The way he juggles between scenes, his energy, his clarity of thought — it's all so inspiring. He brings in a style and charisma that is only his," Kajal Aggarwal said.