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Siva Ganesh's debut directorial venture "Kai Raja Kai" (Kaai Raja Kaai) has been released in theatres worldwide on Thursday, 23 April. The film has garnered mixed reviews from critics.

"Kai Raja Kai" is a crime-comedy thriller for which director Siva Ganesh himself has written the story, screenplay and dialogues.

The movie is about the consequences faced by three unemployed friends who resort to robbery to earn some quick buck and settle down in life.

Besides comedy, the film has romance, music and other commercial aspects.

Produced by V Radha and Ch Madhavi Devi, Kai Raja Kai features Josh Ravi, Maanas, Ram Khanna, Shamili and Sravya in the lead roles. JB has composed music for the soundtrack and background score of the film. Deva has handled the camera work for the movie.

"Kai Raja Kai" is high on comic quotient, which arises out of the situation most of the time. The first half of the film is engaging, with some romantic and comedy scenes. The movie picks up pace with the twist before the interval. Some hilarious comedy scenes keep viewers entertained in the second half, opine film critics.

But "Kai Raja Kai" lacks a fresh theme and suffers from a predictable plot, especially in the second half. Josh Ravi's comic timing is the big plus point of the movie, say critics, who have rated it as an average movie, giving 2 out of 5.

We bring you critics' verdict on the movie. Continue reading "Kai Raja Kai" movie review roundup.

123Telugu Ratings: 2.75

Kai Raja Kai has some decent fun elements. Excellent comedy by Josh Ravi and an interesting premise are basic assets of the film. If you ignore the excessive length and some unwanted scenes in the first half, you might end up liking this routine crime comedy.

AP Herald Ratings: 1.5

Kai Raja Kai may not be appealing for the discerning viewer. The first half of the film is okay with some entertaining episodes from Josh Ravi. The second half goes awry with too predictable stuff. On the whole, There is nothing much that you haven't seen before, in 'Kai Raja Kai. Now, if you are fine about it, this film could work for you.