Shahid Kapoor in Kabir Singh
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Shahid Kapoor's Kabir Singh has been a much awaited movie of this year. The film releases this Friday, and some critics have already come up with their reviews.

Official remake of Telugu film Arjun Reddy, Kabir Singh is a love story of a highly intelligent man, who sets off in a self-destructive path after his girlfriend is forced to marry another man.

Shahid plays the titular role, and Kiara Advani is seen as his lady-love. The movie showcases intense emotions of love and anger. While huge expectations were associated with the unorthodox love story, critics' reviews suggest that it stood up to the expectations.

Some initial reviews of the movie have come out, which are positive. It is being said to be Shahid's one of the best performances, and the movie almost entirely rests on his shoulder.

The actor apparently pulled off the intense character to perfection. It is being said that Kabir Singh is a must watch, and will be highly liked by the young lot of audience.

Directed by Sandeep Vanga, Kabir Singh is being called a wholesome entertainer coupled with some soothing songs, and brilliant performances. On average, Kabir Singh gets a rating of 3 stars out of 5 stars.

Read critics' review and rating of Kabir Singh below:

Gulf News: Kabir Singh is truly the survival of the despicable. Their collective action — when they break up — is a crash course on self-flagellation. It's also a much-needed departure from the usual syrupy Bollywood love stories that showcase grand gestures. Put a ring on 'Kabir Sigh' if you are in the mood for watching a love story that's wonderfully wicked and warped. (3.5*/5*)

Khaleej Times: At 2 hours 52 minutes, Kabir Singh works only because of our leading man, Shahid Kapoor. He breathes life into the character of Kabir Singh and showcases a range of emotions from passion, hatred and rage bordering on lunacy. Kabir Singh will definitely click with the youngsters. (3*/5*) Kabir Singh is a good watch mainly because of how well the main character is balanced by Shahid Kapoor. Vanga doesn't lose sight of the journey and doesn't forget that amidst all the existentialist dilemmas and song placements, he's telling a modern tale of a toxic male which cannot be justified but has to be told in an entertaining, compelling way. And that it does! (3*/5*)

Hindustan Times: Kapoor is solid even as Kabir acts more repulsive by the scene, but other characters thinking he's wrong doesn't help when the creators don't agree. A cautionary tale can't end with the villain getting what he wants, while Kabir Singh rewards his sins with a happy freeze-frame. The best lines come from the boy's grandmother, played by Kamini Kaushal, who wisely says, "Suffering is very personal. Let him suffer." If only. (1.5*/5*)

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