India captain Anup Kumar, Iran captain Meraj Sheykh, England captain Someshwar Kalia, Bangladesh captain Md. Aruduzzaman Munshi, Kenya captain David Shilisia, Argentina captain Sebastian Desocio unveil the trophy of the 2016 Kabaddi World Cup in Ahmedabad on Oct 1, 2016IANS

The Kabaddi World Cup 2016 gets under way in Ahmedabad on Friday and the best of kabaddi players from 12 countries will be seen plying their trade in the mega tournament. India have won seven gold medals in the sport at the Asian Games, and have also lifted two Kabaddi World Cups. 

So will they be able to put up a dominating performance this time around as well? That remains to be seen, as the Kabaddi World Cup 2016 is not expected to be an easy going at all for any team.

There are two groups of six teams each who will play in the round stages, and the top two will progress to the knockouts of the competition.

While Group A consists of India, Bangladesh, England, Australia, South Korea and Argentina, Group B features Iran, United States, Poland, Kenya, Thailand and Japan. "We [India] will have the crowd behind us to instill confidence. While the opponents will have to deal with it. This will also allow us to play to the best of our abilities," star raider Rahul Chaudhary, who is seen with Telugu Titans in the Pro Kabaddi, told the Indian Express.

One notable omission from the tournament is Pakistan, who have been debarred to participate by the Indian Government in the aftermath of the recent terror attacks. READ: India squad for Kabaddi World Cup 2016.

Kabaddi World Cup 2016 schedule

October 7, 20:00 hrs IST: India vs South Korea

October 7, 21:00 hrs IST: USA vs Iran

October 8, 19:00 hrs IST: England vs Bangladesh

October 8, 20:00 hrs IST: Poland vs Kenya

October 8, 21:00 hrs IST: India vs Australia

October 9, 19:00 hrs IST: Argentina vs South Korea

October 9, 20:00 hrs IST: United States vs Japan

October 9, 21:00 hrs IST: Iran vs Thailand

October 10, 20:00 hrs IST: England vs Australia

October 10, 21:00 IST hrs IST: Poland vs Thailand

October 11, 20:00 hrs IST: Iran vs Kenya

October 11, 21:00 hrs IST: India vs Bangladesh

October 12, 21:00 hrs IST: Australia vs Argentina

October 13, 20:00 hrs IST: Thailand vs Kenya

October 13, 21:00 hrs IST: Bangladesh vs South Korea

October 14, 20:00 hrs IST: England vs Argentina

October 14, 21:00 hrs IST: United States vs Poland

October 15, 19:00 hrs IST: South Korea vs Australia

October 15, 20:00 hrs IST: Japan vs Iran

October 15, 21:00 hrs IST: India vs Argentina

October 16, 19:00 hrs IST: Thailand vs United States

October 16, 20:00 hrs IST: South Korea vs England

October 16, 21:00 hrs IST: Japan vs Kenya

October 17, 20:00 hrs IST: Poland vs Iran

October 17, 21:00 hrs IST: Australia vs Bangladesh

October 18, 20:00 hrs IST: United States vs Kenya

October 18, 21:00 hrs IST: India vs England

October 19, 20:00 hrs IST: Bangladesh vs Argentina

October 19, 21:00 hrs IST: Thailand vs Japan


October 21, 20:00 hrs IST: TBA vs TBA

October 21, 21:00 hrs IST: TBA vs TBA


Saturday, October 22, 21:00 hrs IST: TBA vs TBA


The Arena by TransStadia, Ahmedabad.

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