Suresh Gopi's much-anticipated movie Kaaval directed by Nithin Renji Panicker has hit the theaters on November 25. The film had succeeded in creating a huge pre-release hype, as it marks the comeback of Suresh Gopi with a mass role after a long hiatus. The opening day of the movie witnessed a huge rush in more than 220 screens, and fans conducted special shows in the early morning all across Kerala. However, the film did not live up to the expectations and it finally emerged as an average flick with nothing special to offer. 

Old wine in an old bottle

The film portrayed a story that is cliched, and the basic theme of the movie has been handled by filmmakers for several decades. Kaaval is a usual revenge story, where Suresh Gopi comes forward as the savior of Renji Panicker's family when they face unexpected hurdles in their lives. 


The film is set in two generations. In the flashback scenes, Suresh Gopi (Thampan), and Antony (Renji Panicker) are being portrayed as influential people in the village, who work to provide justice for the general public. However, things take a new turn when powerful opponents enter the scene, and it finally resulted in Antony's wife requesting Thampan to leave the village. 

In the present time, we can see Antony as an aging man who has already lost his leg, and he is currently struggling to protect his family. When Antony dies, Thampan comes to protect his friend's children. 

Suresh Gopi excels, but the film fails to impress the audience

Suresh Gopi's screen presence is the major highlight of the movie. The actor singlehandedly tried to save this film which is made with an unimpressive script. The director failed to engage the audience, and at times, that extra dose of melodrama will test the patience of the viewers. 

The technical side of the movie is strong, and the makers have crafted the beauty of Kattappana to the fullest. However, the weak screenplay of the movie spoiled everything, and it made the movie an average film

Final Verdict

Kaaval is an average film that offers nothing new to the audiences. If you have that extra time, you can watch the film just to see Suresh Gopi on screen.