Kaala Audio Review
The songs from Rajinikanth's Kaala have been released.PR Handout

The much-awaited songs from Kaala are out online. The makers have launched the album Wednesday, May 9 and the music has won fairly positive reviews from netizens.

Santhosh Narayanan's album has variety of songs. From rap to melody, the music director has come up with nine different tracks using the voices of Hariharasudhan, Santhosh Narayanan, Shankar Mahadevan, Pradeep Kumar, Ananthu, Dhee, Vijay Prakash, Muthamil and Vivek.

The album has been composed with Rajinikanth's entry to politics. Every track has a deep meaning.

Among the nine numbers, Katravai Patravai, Kannamma, Nikkal Nikkal songs have won the viewers' hearts. Here, we bring you the viewers' response to the album:

Version 2.0: #NikkalNikkal #KatravaiPatravai and to a certain level #Kannamma saves the album.. May be like ARR music we may like it if we listen more and more #KaalaAudiofromToday #kaala

Firefidel: Yappa...Full album kettu mudichachu.. Seriously a vera level music experience !!
My picks : ALL except #SemmaWeightu

Balaji Nandabalan: This song is very infectious. Please don't listen to this. I am unable to listen to any other song in the album. I have looped the video in youtube and listening to it past 45 mins.

Thanga Selai -All Wedding CD
Nikkal Nikkal-All College Cultural
Poraaduvom-All Network Caller Tune
Kannamma-All Mobile Ringtone
Semma Weightu-All tea-shops
Katravai Patravai-All cars
Theru Vilakku-All headphones
#KaalaAudioLaunch @rajumahalingam @dhanushkraja @rajinikanth #Kaala

Thalapathy BashaOTFC: Heard #Kaala song #KatravaiPatravai is my pick after #Theri theme #VarlaamVaa #Nerupuda song its gonna be crazy @Arunrajakamaraj thara local voice @Music_Santhosh @beemji @dhanushkraja
Rajni politics entry full song semma lyrics... @rajinikanth

Adithyan: it is great fun listening to #Kaala songs filled with gaana and rap....lyrics

Vinodh Murugaiyan: #Kaala songs
All songs lyrics so deep n political
Haters summave kuthipaanga ippo konjam jaasthi ukkurama kelambuvaanungale
@RamnadLegend @itis_mlk

Rajen De Vijay: 8 Songs + 1 Acapella Version Song in our Thalaivar @rajinikanth Movie #KAALA Music Composed By @Music_Santhosh மரண மாஸ் Songs Especially My Favorite #Theruvilakku Vera Level Waiting For Film Release in June #KaalaAudiofromToday

Gokul Kanagasabai: @Music_Santhosh Thanks Santhosh you nailed it.. #kannamma another mahanadhi kind of hit, #KatravaiPatravai another #neruppuda , thanga sela vera level . Album #semaweightu #KaalaAudiofromToday

Dinesh Kumar: Will BJP join hands with Rajini even after hearing Kaala songs?

Rupesh: #KaalaAudiofromToday Outstanding different variety of songs for thalaivar @rajinikanth theatre therika poguthu for Katravai n Patravai Hatzoff to @Music_Santhosh and @beemji

Kanchee89: Nice songs.. Some are Spot addiction. Some are Slow Poison. Mostly #HipHop Rap which i Love. Thanks to @iamyogib for bringing the #HipHop culture #Sollisai #KaalaAudiofromToday @Music_Santhosh @beemji @wunderbarfilms @dhanushkraja Goosebumps guaranteed @rajinikanth

Ví|sh|àl-: @StonyPsyko #Dopeadelicz team shown the Mass in #Kaala Album..
Songs Lyrics Rap portions Rocks..
@Music_Santhosh Ji tanx for giving opportunity to the independent artists team for #kaala Album

Nathan: Who ever thinks it's just an album, think again... Its a political warning,to whomsoever concerned! #kaala #Thalaivar

Cinema Calendar:  #KatravaiPatravai easily wins the listeners attention in the first hearing itself | This song will top all the charts in few hours . @Music_Santhosh's tunes mix mass w/ class, a tailor made song for #Thalaivar & his fans

Dinesh Kumar: For sure, Kaala is not just a film; Every songs conveys a deep meaning in it.
#kaala #Rajinikanth #PaRanjith #KaalaAudiofromToday
@beemji @Music_Santhosh @Arunrajakamaraj

Legend Saet: Poraduvom song is like firing bullets to all the fuckdup politicians.

Arun Daniel: Replying to @dhanushkraja @Music_Santhosh
A complete letdown. A lot of noise sounds like a music gig made by a bunch of friends. Far far away from Kabali. Not a single song will stay in mind for more than a day. #kaala #KaalaAudiofromToday disappointed