Rajinikanth Kaala Release Date
The makers have announced the release date of Rajinikanth's Kaala.PR Handout

Rajinikanth's Kaala has made a record business even before the release. In fact, the Tamil movie has generated more revenue than the superstar's previous film Kabali.

From the theatrical rights' sale, Dhanush, Kaala's producer, has minted Rs 155 crore. The makers have earned Rs 60 crore from the Tamil Nadu distribution rights, Rs 33 crore from the Andhra/Telangana rights, Rs 10 crore from Kerala and Rs 7 crore from rest of India.

The overseas rights have fetched Rs 45 crore for the producer. It has to be noted that the Karnataka rights have not been taken into consideration as the distributor has backed out from releasing the film. The makers might release Kaala directly if the issues around the flick are sorted out in the next 24 hours.

The broadcast rights have fetched Rs 70 crore for the makers of the film and the audio is valued at Rs 5 crore. The total pre-release business of Kaala stands at Rs 230 crore.

Rajinikanth's previous film Kabali had minted approximately Rs 218 crore. The Tamil Nadu theatrical rights were sold at Rs 68 crore, Rs 8 crore higher when compared to Kaala's price. Below, we are providing a comparison of the pre-release business of the two films:

Rights Kabali Kaala
Tamil Nadu Rs 68 cr Rs 60 cr
Kerala Rs 7.5 cr Rs 10 cr
AP/Telangana Rs 32 cr Rs 33 cr
Karnataka Rs 10 cr -
Rest of India Rs 10 cr Rs 7 cr
Overseas Rs 35 cr Rs 45 cr
Satellite+Music Rs 40 cr Rs 70 cr
Others Rs 15.5 cr Rs 5 cr
Total Rs 218 Cr Rs 230 cr

The makers of Kaala have earned less amount from the Tamil Nadu theatrical rights and have not earned much from other deals as well when compared to Kalaippuli S Thanu-produced flick. But they have gained big from the satellite rights which helped the latest flick to do better business than Kabali.