Kamal Haasan meets Chief Minister Kumaraswamy
Kamal Haasan meets Chief Minister KumaraswamyTwitter

Superstar Rajinikanth's fans have hurled anger against superstar Kamal Haasan for his passive reply on Karnataka banning Kaala release after his meeting with Chief Minister HD Kumaraswamy.

Kamal Haasan had recently attended the swearing ceremony of CM HD Kumaraswamy in Bengaluru and showed his solidarity for his third front. The Tamil superstar has also maintained a cordial relationship with the new chief minister of Karnataka.

Kamal Haasan met CM HD Kumaraswamy again on Monday, June 4, and this time, he was there to discuss the best possible solutions for the Cauvery issue. After an hour-long meeting, he addressed the media and said that the chief minister expressed his wish for the speedy setting up of Cauvery Management Board. When asked about the ban on Kaala release, the actor said, "I came on behalf of the people."

His comment on the ban on Kaala did not go down well with the fans of superstar Rajinikanth, who supported him when his film Vishwaroopam faced a similar situation in Tamil Nadu. Some of the fans took to Twitter to hurl their anger. Here are some of their comments.

ரஜினி வழியில்‏ @RajiniSpiritual

@ikamalhaasan Sir you literally cried for help when Vishwaroopam was banned and now you shamelessly say movie is not big a deal. You have stooped down to such a level that your own fans will disown you.#KamalHaasan #Kamalhassan

Arun Murali‏ @arunmurali1088

#KamalHaasan is an opportunist...he said cauvery issue is bigger than #Kaala issue..if so,is #BiggBossTamil2 bigger than #CauveryIssue ..y he is doing that show?...

First Motion World ‏ @1stMotionWorld

#kamalhaasan Says Talking about cinema & #Kaala is needless now but He needs the fame , fans which he got From Cinema & also once he needed support from #Rajinikanth when his film Viswaroopam faced the release issue #Pity

Surendhar MK @SurendharMK

Sad to see #KamalHaasan give a passive response to #Kaala ban in Karnataka by fringe groups. When the fringe elements protested his #Vishwaroopam, #Rajinikanth was one of the firsts to voice his opinion and support.

Dev Shak‏ @devashak

If that's true disgusting behaviour. Thousands of families depend on cinema industry. We know #KamalHaasan, always jealous of #Rajini. #Rajinikanth will win over all these haters, that's when they will realise. #Kaala People can support any politician but for #KamalHaasan . Such a chameleon. This guy is a true rot. Now we know why he is always behind #Rajinikanth in ratings. Ennam pol vazkkai. What you sow you reap. Bye #Kamal .

Bamboo boy‏ @bambooboy2

#KamalHaasan meeting HDK today could be2prevent Kala screening in Karnataka! HDK using this opportunity2enhance his political presence which is nowhere as of now! Whether Kamal used HDK or viceversa will be an interesting question how can any tom dick&Harry solve Cauvery crisis