Sandy Master has come under severe attack from a section of netizens after he wished his wife Sylvia on her birthday, recently. The choreographer is often targeted by them alleging him of destroying his first wife and actress Kaajal Pasupathi's peace.

Kaajal Pasupathi and Sandy Master
Kaajal Pasupathi and Sandy Master.PR Handout

Sandy-Kaajal, Ex-couple
Sandy Master was married to Kaajal, but they got divorced in 2012. Later, he moved on his life and tied the knot with Sylvia. However, his personal life became a subject of debate among netizens once he entered the Bigg Boss Tamil house.

Kajal's Takes the Blame
On the other side, Kaajal Pasupathi took the blame on her for the divorce and wished him well. She had requested people not to blame him for their failed relationship and not to target his second wife.

Even during his stay in the Bigg Boss house, she had prayed for his success. Her positive words fell on deaf ears as people continue to target Sandy and his wife.

Kaajal Pasupathi
Kaajal Pasupathi.Kaajal Pasupathi Instagram

Kajal's Latest Response
Recently, Sandy and his wife were trolled again. Once Kaajal noticed it, she pleaded people to stop it as he is not her hubby anymore. She wrote, "ArunaGracy...
For god's sake leave them alone.
How many times should I tell you it's my frigging mistake. I 've been obsessed then ,, I 've not given him one bit peace of mind. We got separated by 2012. She has got nothing to do with my divorce & He's not my husband anymore. [sic]"