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Director Puri Jagannath's latest venture "Jyothi Lakshmi" featuring actress Charmme Kaur (also spelled as Charmy or Charmi) in the titular role, released in theatres today (12 June).

Written and directed by Puri Jagannath, "Jyothi Lakshmi" is a female-centric romance drama, which revolves around the life of a sex worker. The movie is about a man, who falls in love with a prostitute. How the woman changes for him and the kind of consequences she faces forms the crux of the story.

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Charmme Kaur plays the sex worker, who is very happy, fun-loving, naughty and romantic. The movie is all about her heroism, and she has delivered a wonderful performance. Her action, romance and glamour are the main attractions of the show, say the audience, who watched the film in the first show.

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The audience, who posted their verdict on the movie on Twitter, say that Puri Jagannath's interesting story, engaging screenplay and punch dialogues, Satya's performance, Sunil Kashyap's soundtracks and background score, PG Vinda's cinematography and a few comedy scenes are other highlights of "Jyothi Lakshmi".

Here is the live update of "Jyothi Lakshmi" movie review by viewers:

Nitin Chakravarthy ‏@Nitinreddy1111

#JyothiLakshmi is surprisingly good..Hats off to Puri for coming out of his comfort & making this kind of a film..Liked it Like everyother film , #JyothiLakshmi too has few glitches but it will impress you most of the time..Ofcourse it is bold but full of truth Puri kick started his 2nd innings with Temper, #JyothiLakshmi will continue it.Hats off to him for showcasing the truth without compromising Satyadev who did the main lead is just awesome..He will go places #JyothiLakshmi Charmi, Satyadev, Superb 2nd half , Emotional dialogues, Terrific last 30 min are huge assets of #JyothiLakshmi Some of the scenes in 1st half which are too hard to digest could have been avoided.Interval episode may not be liked by all #JyothiLakshmi

Proud Purian ‏@ProudPurian

Omg! #Goosebumps all over the theatre wow @Charmmeofficial Heroism at peaks! Yes u heard me right! Heroism, Real Heroism! #JyothiLakshmi Meekosam nilabade vallato oka selfiee digandi !! #JyothiLakshmi @purijagan Sir I am coming ... Lets have an selfie then! ❤ #JyothiLakshmi is not jsuy a commercial film but @purijagan @Charmmeofficial had a deeper msg to convey to the entire men biased society!❤

aHf ‏@adhyayam

#JyothiLakshmi is shallow and completely lacks emotional depth which is much needed for such films. Puri mark dilgs kuda pedda levu. Avoid.

Ravi raM ‏@Ravi_raM18

Avg 1st half,Good 2nd half #JyothiLakshmi

shashi ‏@shashi_ksk 2m2

As a hardcore PURI fan watchd #FDFS of #JyothiLakshmi #PURIJAGANNADH #CHARMEEKAUR #puri rockz n CHarme stealz d shw

NK- dreamy solo ‏@NK2VLNSK

#JyothiLakshmi not good not bad .. It had a good point but a wasted opportunity! Some dlgs were good .. Some were childish

Siva Cherry ‏@sivacherry9

Just done with #JyothiLakshmi #Firsthalf .Konni konni dailogues ladies Vinakunda ears muskovalsindhey .#Charmee looks charming as always :-) Yes !!! Second Half is also so good Total report of the movie #Jyothilakshmi is must watchable movie . Electrified performance by @Charmmeofficial .congratulations to @purijagan and charmee garu for #JyothiLakshmi success

Laddu... ‏@Sarada_Bullodu

e year nandi @Charmmeofficial ke..fix @purijagan out of box direction,especially for this film. #JyothiLakshmi & nice acting #satya ..

Chandeep-Charmme Fan ‏@chandudesign

@Charmmeofficial purely entertaining msg oriented movie.. Defenetely its gonna break the records and will get all the Awards.. Congrats Jyo

Sravanth ‏@sravanth1026

#JyothiLakshmi A gud watch mve..@purijagan u always come up wit a diff story sir..@Charmmeofficial u performance is simply fab..AL d best:)

Sai kiran ‏@saikiran199692

Story was good but execution was not good enough ...below avg #JyothiLakshmi

Bhargav Gadde ‏@urstrulyGadde 4m4 minutes ago

Strtng 30min.... Ending 30min bagundi... 1 time watchable #JyothiLakshmi

Jothilakshmi/Kerinta ‏@Cinewoods

#Jyothilakshmi review Boring first half Waste second half Charmee ni mechukovachu ilanti movie lo chesinandku Not A Puri Jagannadh Film

Ravi Kiran ‏@Ravikrn36

@Charmmeofficial as adah sharma said u pased n ur exm scoring 100/100 immeasurable prfmnce gr8 actng #JyothiLakshmi a big hit hatsoff charmi

Rahul Reddy N ‏@itsmerahulreddy

Jus an average flick,another disappointment for #puri fans ! Not up to the mark .satyadeva rocked in software eng role. #JyothiLakshmi

Avad's ‏@avadsays

Satya Dev is the star of #JyothiLakshmi He will go a long way in Tollywood

Shrinu Nakka ‏@Imshri09

Huh! Break time.... There is nothing in first half.. Thumbs down #JyothiLakshmi Just saw #JyothiLakshmi.... second half is okay.. chinna concept ni baaaga saaaagadheesadu puri...

MEGA MOVIES ‏@sharankalyan424

#jyothilakshmi .....1st half full controversial... Bhoothulu..e cinema ki vellakandi.adhe INTLO CHEPPI vellakandi...kummi dobbadu puri jagan