Justin bieber/Selena Gomez
Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez at the 2015 Met GalaTwitter/Instagram

Justin Bieber looks like a confused child in a candy shop because is not able to decide which candy to pick. And, his confusion is making Selena Gomez feel like a toy and she is done with him for sure this time.

The 21-year-old singer has had it with Justin shouting out comments about her looking gorgeous at the Met Gala, and according to sources from Hollywood Life, Selena had called Justin recently to ask him to stop with his drama.

"Selena finally reached out to Justin and called him out on his sh*t and his empty words and promises. She put him on the spot and in his place. She asked him why he made it seem like he was still so into her the MET Ball, why he made such a fuss about 'how gorgeous she looked' that night, and why he begged to see when they were both back in LA. She told him that she felt disrespected, taken advantage of and toyed with," said the source to the website.

And Justin isn't sitting quietly either. After the phone call, the "Never Let you go" singer has decided to concentrate on his career, instead of chasing Selena. He reportedly does not have time for a relationship now. In his previous interview, he had talked about marriage and finding the one, true soul mate of his life

"Justin says he's been in the studio 24/7 since he got to California and that his new sounds are dope," a source told Hollywood Life. "He said he's too busy for any serious relationships and that his music is his main focus right now. Justin said everyone's going to be surprised with what he's working on and with whom he's working with."

Justin is surely surprising his fans, not with his music, but with his attitude towards Selena. The way everything was going, 'Jelena' fans had hoped for a reunion. So, was Justin lying about finding perfect girlfriend and marrying her? Or were the fans too quick to read in between his lines, just like Selena, and are now upset because both of them having called it off?