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Weeks after it was revealed that Barry Allen's love interest Iris West was no longer a part of Justice League, The Flash actor Ezra Miller has confirmed that another scene featuring his character has been chopped from the DCEU movie.

During his recent outing in London to promote the movie with Ben Affleck, Henry Cavill, Gal Gadot, Jason Momoa and Ray Fisher, Miller spoke about his role in the movie and revealed a potential spoiler.

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WARNING: Spoilers ahead

Miller and Gadot were in conversation with WSVN-TV when the actor revealed that Barry Allen is not once called The Flash in the movie. In the film, he explains, there was a scene shot to address "The Flash" reference but it was later deleted.

"Barry is just Barry at this point. There is even a scene that was cut from the movie where is going on and on and on trying to figure out who he should be and what he should call himself. Yeah, he doesn't have a superhero name yet," he explained.

"Yeah, why was the scene cut," he added, wondering about the scene.

Although this scene might not impact the movie's plotline much, it is oddly interesting to hear that the superhero we know as The Flash hasn't been named yet.

Miller has already won hearts at the test runs. A few weeks ago, when a surprise test screening took place, the film was not only called "epic," Geoff Johns also revealed that Miller's The Flash had instantly become a viewer favourite.

Talking to ComicBook.com, the actor expressed his expectations from the audience reactions.

He said: "Yeah, the exhilaration when you see a film you really like and you're too excited and you can't sleep and you just think about it a lot. I hope some people have that. If you feel even an iota of the excitement we felt making this film then it's a success."

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Zack Snyder shares picture from Justice LeagueZack Sndyer, Vero

The actor also took the London Press Junket as an occasion to reveal that Zack Snyder kept Justice League's tone Whedon-esque even before Joss Whedon was taken on board.

Talking to Fox 5 DC, he said: "What's funny is that I think that Zack was doing a much lighter, more comedic, almost more Whedony thing, and then Joss stepped on and was fulfilling Zack's vision. It's an incredible instance of two artists in collaboration, and honouring each other's work."

Fans will have to wait until Justice League releases on November 17 to see how Snyder-ish or Whedon-esque the movie is.