Justice League's post production stage is going on in full swing. With star thronging the filming location to wrap up their share of reshoots, fans are getting some behind the scenes peeks from the reshoot locations.

Earlier, Wonder Woman reference photos hit online and now, Batman and his machine are making their way to the filming spot. If the beast is arriving, does it mean that a fight scene is being reshot?

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According to a picture found by Batman-News, the Dark Knight's batmobile was towed towards an unknown location, which is evidently not London. Also note, the Cape Crusader's mighty war machine is covered under a layer of dust. Could this indicate the reshoot has been done and the vehicle is being taken back to the garage?

Batman Ben Affleck begins training
Batman, Facebook

Comicbookmovie.com also speculates it could be just a display model for the promotions of Justice League at the San Diego Comic-Con next month.

But a Reddit user noted the Batmobile picture is similar to the one shared by Zack Snyder late last year on his Vero account.

While all these speculations cannot be put to rest as they would leak spoilers, fans are going wild to know how the DCEU movie would turn out.

Though makers are keeping quiet about the plot, they are trying to shut down speculations regarding the new cast members. Many thought Justice League's new director Joss Whedon could introduce his upcoming female superhero, Batgirl, in the League movie. But The Wrap reporter Umberto Gonzalez put a rest to these reports in his show Heroic Insider saying Barbara Gordon will not be seen in Justice League.

Not only did he confirm the status of Batgirl, Gonzalez also assured that no new characters are being introduced by Whedon. The Zack Snyder script will be intact with no unnecessary changes.

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Justice League's trailer 2 will release next month. And the movie is slated to release in November.