The countdown to the San Diego Comic-Con has begun. The annual event stands extremely important for DCEU fans because the Comic-Con will be a platform for two upcoming movies – Justice League and Aquaman.

While it was earlier teased that Superman Henry Cavill may make a dark appearance in the Justice League Comic-Con trailer, a Reddit user has tipped off fans about what to expect from the Justice League and Aquaman movies. The Jason Momoa starrer is said to make its way to the event.

First up, Aquaman. According to a user by the name IAmBatman412, the trailer has a few traditional DCEU offerings, including Zimmer style background score.

The user, who claims to be working for a marketing agency called Trailer Park, teased fans on the online platform. He wrote:

"I work for trailerpark and I've seen the Aquaman teaser that WB is gonna show at SDCC. It was around 1min 30 secs long I don't know exactly sorry I wasn't on the team that cut the teaser. I only got to watch it once so I can't go into too much detail. It opens with some mellow piano music, showing Amnesty Bay with a voice over from Momoa. The music then turns cinematic, Zimmer style I would say. We get various shots of the characters, Mera, Murk etc etc. The teaser ended with a really cool scene of Arthur standing on a rock type thing and activates his trident and creates a massive wave. Not using throwaway because I don't really like working for TP tbh...."

Aquaman Jason Momoa from Justice League Comic-Con trailerYouTube Screenshot

When the users prompted him for more details about the movie, the Reddit user confirmed that Murk, played by Power Rangers actor Ludi Lin, looked like "a 300 Spartan", and shared that both Black Manta and Orm will appear in the teaser. "Manta had his mask on cool costume," he said.

Talking about Justice League's Comic-Con trailer, he confirmed that he did get a short glimpse into the JL trailer as well. "I think in total I saw like 30 secs of it. I believe the song was Lights Out by Royal Blood. It was a very rocky song like the first trailer. As for the scenes, I remember there were some really cool flash scenes in slow mo, one where there's like a tracking shot on him running around the league while they're fighting parademons," he wrote.

Superman Henry Cavill
Superman Henry CavillBatman v Superman, Facebook

With all eyes set on Superman in the movie, it was obvious that people discussing the topic in the thread wanted to know if Henry Cavill will make an appearance. "I asked and they said WB didn't want Supes in it," he clarified.

The trailers are expected to drop anytime between July 20 and 23.