Jung Joon-young
Jung Joon-young former girlfriend accused him of sex crimeInstagram

South Korean singer Jung Joon Young was rumoured to have been involved in a sexual assault case, but his agency C9 Entertainment has denied the reports.

Local media reported that Seongdong District police were investigating the singer after a woman accused him of sex crime. However, his agency said that the woman accused him, but the charges were dropped after the investigation. The agency further said the woman filed the case after a "small misunderstanding," but the case is closed now.

"He was acquitted and the situation wrapped up. It was a simple incident. Something that happened a few months ago. At the time, he was acquitted and that was that. The woman was a former girlfriend of Jung Joon Young. Jung Joong Young is personally taken aback at this," the agency said in a statement.

C9 expressed disappointment and said that the local media should have found out more details about the sexual assault case before publishing the story. The agency also asked other media houses to refrain from publishing stories on the case.

"We find it unfair and are taken aback that an investigation that was completed with his exoneration is being reported as if he committed a crime," the agency said.