Jung Joon-young
Jung Joon-young former girlfriend accused him of sex crimeInstagram

South Korean singer Jung Joon Young, who was embroiled in a sexual assault case, in a press conference admitted that he filmed the girl during sex. However, he also told media that it was consensual from both the parties.

On Saturday, there were reports that Joon Young was arrested in a sexual assault case, but his agency C9 Entertainment said that the charges were dropped later. The woman, who filed the charge, was his ex-girlfriend, his agency confirmed. The singer in a press conference said he never thought that the video would create a huge controversy.

"I didn't think that something that we did as a joke at the time would cause such a big controversy. It was a big fault of mine that I thought everything would be okay if I knew I was innocent. I apologise to the program that I'm on and the people on it. As for what to do on those shows, I will follow whatever they decide. I will also follow diligently to the additional investigations," Joon Young said during the press conference.

His agency said that she filed the case due to a "small misunderstanding" that happened years ago. However, now she has submitted three letters to the prosecution stating that Joon Young is innocent. She submitted two letters to the prosecution before it became a huge controversy.

"It's true she submitted a petition. We cannot reveal the details, but it said that he was not at fault and she did not want him punished," a person from the prosecution office said.

On Saturday, his agency issued a statement clarifying the issue. "He was acquitted and the situation wrapped up. It was a simple incident. Something that happened a few months ago. At the time, he was acquitted and that was that. The woman was a former girlfriend of Jung Joon Young. Jung Joong Young is personally taken aback at this," the statement read.