Junaid Jamshed with his followers in Panama
Junaid Jamshed died in plane crash in Pakistan. Pictured: Junaid Jamshed with his followers in PanamaTwitter/JunaidJamshedPK

The death of Pakistani pop singer Junaid Jamshed, who was among the 48 people on board when a plane crashed into a hillside north of Islamabad, has left his fans shocked and saddened.

Jamshed was born in Karachi in 1963. His father, Jamshed Akbar, was a group captain in the Pakistan Air Force. Junaid wanted to become a fighter pilot in the Pakistan Air Force, but his weak eyesight did allow him to fulfil his dream. He started performing rock music during his college days and joined the university's rock band, Nuts and Bolts, as a lead vocalist.

Jamshed gained nationwide popularity when he became a part of the band, Vital Signs, and his album, Vital Signs 1, became a success in 1987. From there onwards, there was no looking back for the talented singer, who went on to make a name as a recording artist, television personality, fashion designer and singer-songwriter. In 2004, he bid adieu to his music career to focus on preaching.

Jamshed's fans were shocked to learn that he was one among the 48 travellers in the Pakistan International Airlines flight PK-661 that crashed en route to Islamabad from Chitral. Many of them took to Twitter to mourn his death and offer condolences to his family.

Mufti Ismail Menk ‏@muftimenk

I am saddened by news of the death of #JunaidJamshed and his wife in a #PIA plane crash. May the Almigjty grant ease to all in the tragedy.

Shaniera Akram ‏@iamShaniera

My heart goes out to Pakistan who is mourning the death of an icon #Junaidjamshed and 47 souls on board #PK661 This is the only #Junaidjamshed I know of... may he RIP. Life is short. Live life to the max with NO REGRETS! My #wednesdaymotivation to you

The A Man ‏@AnthonyDias1976

RIP JJ, grew up listening to Vital Signs. Your songs gave me that loving feeling that so many teenagers feel at that age. #Junaidjamshed

Shaniera Akram ‏@iamShaniera

My heart goes out to Pakistan who is mourning the death of an icon #Junaidjamshed and 47 souls on board #PK661 Junaid was one of the first people I met when I came to Pakistan.Wasim introduced him as one of Pakistans iconic voices #DilDilPakistan

Javed Afridi ‏@JAfridi10

Heart-wrenching tragic loss of a great human being & v close dear friend #Junaidjamshed. I spend my first 40 days in tabligh with him in UK 24/7 #Junaidjamshed was, is & will be a Dil Dil Pakistani IA . Salute to ur greatness brother. Such a genuine guy by heart. Beyond my words

Saifullah K Nyazee ‏@SaifullahNyazee

Saddened abt plane crash w/ 40 onboard incl #JunaidJamshed.May Allah grant the deceased n abode in Jannah & famlies courage to bear the loss

Dr. Arif Alvi ‏@ArifAlvi

My condolencs 2 PTI foundr leaders @FauziaKasuri & my friend ChikooJahangir whose nephew #Junaidjamshed died in #PK661crash May his soul RIP

Michael Kugelman ‏@MichaelKugelman

Such tragic news about #PK661. As for #JunaidJamshed-"Dil Dil Pakistan" will always be a memorable anthem. RIP to all those that died. 2016 has been such a horribly tragic year. #Pakistan has lost three national treasures: Edhi, Sabri, and now #JunaidJamshed. #PK661

MMANSOOR ‏@6501ad054d5e4a8

#junaidjamshed we lost a grt person, a soft face of islam and a very good voice although he left singing but it is a part if JJ's life

A.S.Khan ‏@azslk

#Junaidjamshed was a complete package in his life.he enjoyed every bit of Respect,Beauty, Fashion, Popularity, charisma,Controversy & Prayers.

Kiran Raza ‏@kiranraza_01

#Junaidjamshed touched our hearts whether Dil Dil Pakistan or Mohammad Ka Roza Qareeb Aa raha hai.He was simply loving person. #JunaidJamshed changed not just himself but a major religious fabric of Pakistan.Many followed him to get close to Allah.He will be missed

Moeed Mehar ‏@MoeedMehar716

He is a bigg loss for the #Muslims and for #Pakistan. Rest in Paradise #JunaidJamshed . PIA PK-661 Flight crashes in Chitral mountains

Ayesha Ahmed ‏@thatknbfangirl

I was fascinated by this man's story ever since I was young & became obsessed with Dil Dil Pakistan. May Allah bless him #Junaidjamshed

Hassan Mehmood ‏@hassanmch

@JunaidJamshedPK Farewell JJ ! Dil Dil Pakistan will stay forever so does your legacy


Saddened beyond words! Rest in peace #JunaidJamshed & all the people who were on board! Inna Lillahi Wa Inna Ilaihi Rajiun!