A promotional still of new medical drama Cross.tvN

With just four days left for the premiere of medical drama Cross, lead cast members Jun So Min and Go Kyung Pyo have opened up about their roles in the show.

Kyung Pyo, who portrays a talented junior doctor in the medical drama, has described his character Kang In Kyu as a cool-headed person with a lot of problems in life.

"I think the line, 'My life is already over,' from the special teaser clip captured it well. Also, there's a four character idiom that talks about sacrificing yourself for revenge, and I think it's a good expression for his situation where he goes back and forth between the prison and the hospital. Kang In Kyu is someone who lives a horrible life and I just live an ordinary life," Soompi quoted Kyung Pyo.

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The 27-year-old actor, who is playing the role of a doctor onscreen for the third time, revealed that he met several medical advisers to prepare for the role. According to him, he received several pieces of advice from the surgeons about the surgical techniques and post-surgery care.

"I also learned how to do CPR and sutures through real medical practice that allowed me to experience more than what I saw in dramas and books. I will work hard to create the character Kang In Kyu in this good drama Cross," he added.

Kyung Pyo also praised his co-star So Min and said she keeps the atmosphere lively for everyone. "When I first met Jun So Min, I was really happy. Our drama is quite solemn overall as it deals with a heavy subject, but she keeps the atmosphere lively. She's someone we needed because she's such a great and personable individual. We were filming late yesterday and she took great care of me. I'm happy and honoured to work with her," he explained.

So Min also praised Kyung Pyo and said, "When I first heard that I would be working with Go Kyung Pyo, I was really happy. He's always a very warm person on set and he takes care of those around him. Though he's younger than me, he's very thoughtful and kind. I should be taking care of him because I'm older, but it feels like he's the one taking care of me."

Along with So Min and Kyung Pyo, Cross also features Falsify star Cho Jae Hyun in a lead role. He will be portraying a senior surgeon named Go Jung Hoon.