Juhi Chawla
Juhi Chawla Reuters

Shah Rukh Khan and Juhi Chawla are among those people of Bollywood whose friendship stories have remained quite famous in the industry. The two actors have been friends since their very first film "Raju Ban Gaya Gentleman".

But of late, it seems that all is not well between Shah Rukh and Juhi. The actress is reportedly miffed with SRK as he did not inform her about replacing Bobby Chadha with Venky Mysore as the CEO of Red Chillies Entertainments Pvt Ltd.

Bobby Chadha, who is Juhi Chawla's brother, was the CEO of Red Chillies. He has been in a coma since April 2010.

Earlier this year, Shah Rukh announced that Venky Mysore has been appointed as the Chief Executive Officer of Red Chillies who will take full responsibility for all the operations of the production house.

But Juhi recently in an interview with The Times of India said that SRK didn't inform her about the sudden changes in the production house and it was Venky who called and told her about the development.

"I don't know if I was informed before or after Venky assumed office, but it was Venky who called me and told me about the development," she said.

"Yes I felt bad. But not because SRK didn't inform me. In fact, I told Venky 'please go ahead and take up your new assignment'. But suddenly I started feeling bad because it struck me that the job, which my brother did so efficiently for the longest time, will now be done by someone else."

When asked that her bond with Shahrukh isn't the same as before, she replied "Why would I fall out with anybody? I still treat everyone the same. But yes I don't reach out to people as often as I used to, be it with Shah Rukh or anyone else. Today, nobody has time for friendships."