Junior NTR was reportedly the first choice for director Srikanth Addala's recently released film "Brahmotsavam," but the young tiger rejected his offer as he was not happy with the script.

It rumoured that Srikanth Addala had narrated the story of "Brahmotsavam" to Junior NTR before approaching superstar Mahesh Babu. The young tiger was impressed with the concept of the film, but had suggested that the director make some changes to the script. He had given Addala an ultimatum to return with a fresh draft of the script, but the director did not return to him.

"Director Srikanth Addala's first choice was NTR, and he was approached with the project over a year ago. Although NTR liked the idea, he wanted some changes to be incorporated in the script and expected it to be rewritten," a source told IANS.

When the director did not return with a rewritten script, Junior NTR signed another movie with director Sukumar. "Despite waiting for months, Addala didn't come up with a satisfactory script. Hence, NTR was left with no option other than to move on. It was around the same time he signed director Sukumar's 'Nannaku Prematho'," the source said.

"Nannaku Prematho" was released in theatres around the world as a Sankranti treat on Jan. 11, 2016, and made decent collections at the box office. "Brahmotsavam," which hit the screens on May 20, opened to an average response and has shown a steep decline in collections over the weekend. The film is heading towards disaster.

"Brahmotsavam" has received negative word of mouth from both the audience and critics. The people who watched movie say it has got an interesting story, but the director has failed to create an engaging screenplay. The movie suffers from slow and dragging narration, which has marred the beauty of the concept. The film may incur huge losses to its distributors.