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Popular comedian Karate Kalyani has opened up about some unknown funny moments of young tiger Jr NTR on the sets of his 2002 Telugu movie Aadi and revealed some of his naughty acts on the sets.

It is known that senior actors like Nandamuri Balakrishna and Mohan Babu are very disciplined, serious and a little harsh personalities. Many people in the Telugu film industry are afraid of talking to the two actors. But Karate Kalyani has maintained a very good relationship with both of them.

In an interview with a YouTube channel, Karate Kalyani spoke about their anger. She said, "If a person has command over the work and believes in work culture, he will always get angry. I am one of such personalities. If someone says something about me, I react sharply. The reason is that I have talent, work and I believe in this profession."

Karate Kalyani also spoke about their recent outbursts in public and said, "If fans ask for a selfie, no star will deny it. If this demand goes beyond the limit, everyone including you and me will outburst. Same thing happened with him too and it was highlighted by the media. But the sad part is that what happened later was not shown by the media. Both are really nice persons."

Meanwhile, Karate Kalyani spoke about Junior NTR's naughty acts on the sets of Aadhi. She said, "Jr NTR is very naughty. During the shoot of movie Aadi, he climbed on an assistant director and treated him like a horse. When he used to get hurt, Jr NTR used to hug him. He used to do all naughty acts. He used to apply the blood on his hand to his shirt for fun."

Karate Kalyani has played supporting roles in several Telugu movies. She is known for her performance in films like Chatrapathy, Mirapakay, Guntur Talkies, Raja the Great, Goutham Nanda and Yevade Subramanyam. She entered into the Limca Book of Records for performing Harikatha continuously for 114 hours, 45 minutes and 55 seconds. She was also a part of the casting couch movement.