Junior NTR has offered an apology to birthday boy Ram Charan for not delivering his birthday gift on time. But RRR movie director SS Rajamouli released the digital gift at 4.00 pm on March 27.

Junior NTR assured Ram Charan yesterday that he would offer a digital gift, as he would not celebrate his birthday with him. He tweeted, "Bro @AlwaysRamCharan, I wish I could've celebrated your birthday under better circumstances. But since we're under a lockdown & because staying home is important, I'm giving you a digital surprise at 10 am tomorrow. Trust me, this is a bang you won't ever forget. #BheemforRamaraju."

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Ram Charan, who is flooded with the birthday wishes, was all thrilled to hear the news about this digital gift for him. In response to Junior NTR's post, the mega power star tweeted, "Woahhh! I think I have joined twitter at the right time or else I would have missed your surprise bro.. Winking face Can't wait for tomorrow..."

But this morning, Junior NTR revealed that he had sent his gift to director SS Rajamouli. The young tiger tweeted, "Sorry brother @AlwaysRamCharan. I sent your gift to Jakkanna @ssrajamouli last night for his opinion. Being Rajamouli, you know how it goes. ‍♂️ Small delay..," Replying to him Ram Charan expressed his shock as he tweeted, "What!! You sent it to HIM!!?? Will I get it today??"

The delay in the release of this digital gift came as a big shock to the people, who are eagerly waiting for it. Chiranjeevi, who is one among those curious people, had tweeted, "I am Waiting... #BheemforRamaraju @tarak9999 @AlwaysRamCharan #HBDRamcharan." Responding to the megastar, SS Rajamouli vague answer, by tweeting, "Saaaar...ante....adhi...konchem.... koncheme..... actualgaa......please... Sir..."

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The digital gift for Ram Charan to hit the internet at 10.00 AM today, but it was delayed due to some unknown reasons. SS Rajamouli released the video at 4.00 PM today and tweeted its link with If there is anyone who can describe my Ramaraju @AlwaysRamCharan in the best way, it can only be my Bheem @tarak9999.. Here it is... Introducing Ramaraju to you... #BheemforRamaraju #RRRMovie."

However, after being flooded with wishes, Ram Charan tweeted, "I am amazed by all the heartfelt wishes pouring in since midnight! Love you all. With all this, there's one gift that I'd like from you all. Please, please stay at home till the lockdown ends! That's the best gift you all can give me! :) #StayHomeStaySafe."