The love that former South African cricketer Jonty Rhodes has for India is all too well known. He even named one of his daughters India in honour of this country. Now, a man who is a self-described jack of all trades, sometimes a coach and sometimes a commentator, has posted a pic on his Twitter timeline where he, literally and figuratively, immerses himself in the culture of India.

Rhodes is in India to take part in an event. But the man who revolutionized fielding in cricket took time off to visit the holy town of Rishikesh in Uttarakhand province of India and soak in the sites and sounds of the city. But the most Indian thing he did was take a dip in the holiest of holy Indian rivers – Ganga.

What's even more touching and a testament to his lover for this country and its culture is the fact that he didn't see this activity as merely about freshening up with a cooling dip. His tweet along with the picture he posted conveys his respect for the beliefs of Indians. "Benefits of cold water immersion in the Holy Ganges (Ganga) are both physical and spiritual #moksha #rishikesh #internationalyogfestival"

Jonty Rhodes
Jonty takes a dip in Holy Ganga river in RishikeshTwitter

Rhodes has always been a man who has been keen on observing a country from outside the bounds of cricket. Recently, he was working as a commentator in Pakistan during the Pakistan Super League. During that stint there, he mentioned how, when he was playing cricket, he didn't get the opportunity to see the real sights and sounds of the countries he visited.

"During my playing days, I never got to see much of the countries that I toured: airports; hotels; grounds! Now as coach and commentator, am making sure that I experience as much as possible. Thanks to The Clan for the awesome ride," Rhodes tweeted along with pictures of his bike ride along with a group of fellow bikers through Islamabad, Pakistan's capital.

During his stay in Rishikesh, apart from the picture of his dip in the Ganga river, he also tweeted a photo of a couple of mules on a clogged road with the message: "Rush hour in Tapovan #iloveRishikesh"

This love for India could have become even more consummated for Rhodes had he succeeded in becoming the fielding coach of the Indian cricket team – a job for which he had applied last year when the support staff for the country's national team was being selected. However, his application didn't go through. Still, Indian fans would love to see him in India – whether holidaying for commentating.