Finnish company Jolla will now join the already crowded smartphone market with a smartphone running on its gesture based 'Unlike' custom operating Sailfish OS.

Jolla was founded by former Nokia executives and software developers in 2011 after they quit Nokia. The software for Jolla has been built from MeeGo, a linux based software which was deserted by Nokia for windows Phone for its handsets.

The handset, which costs 399 euros, is ready for shipment by the end of the year. Among its features are 4.5-inch Estrade display, dual-core processor, 4G connectivity, 8-megapixel AF camera, 16GB storage and MicroSD support. It is also Antroid App compliant and comes with a user replaceable battery.

Jolla is equipped with a cross-over feature which is referred to as the 'Other Half'. The other Half is nothing but the removable shells on the back of the handset that can be changed and customized by the user. The 'Other Halves' come in a range of splash of colours and will automatically alter the onscreen colour scheme, fonts, ringtones and themes according the choice of 'Other Half'.

According to Jolla's head of software development, these rear covers can give additional functionality to the device and help in brand building or promotional activities.

The smartphone's content, according to Jolla's website, will be presented clearly with animations, haptics and sounds. The phone offers buttonless navigation system with the main icons as Phone, Messages, Browser and Apps.

With its catchphrase 'We Are Jolla, We Are Unlike', and assurance of an individualised experience for each user in accordance with their mood, style and ambiance, the phone's major selling point appears to be its uniqueness.