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Taking serious note of the misuse of pictures of the Director General of Police (DGP) and other senior officers of the police by some anti-social elements to cheat innocent people, the Jammu and Kashmir warned strict action against such elements.

Jammu and Kashmir Police warned against the misuse of photos of the DGP and other officials on social media. After getting information that some cheaters are exploiting innocent people by circulating their pictures with senior officers on social media, the Jammu and Kashmir Police issued an advisory in this regard on Wednesday.

In the advisory, Jammu and Kashmir Police asked individuals to exercise vigilance against the unauthorized sharing of photographs with the DGP and other senior officers on social media platforms.

On Wednesday, police issued a handout to caution people against such anti-social elements. "J&K Police appeals to the general public to be vigilant against mischievous persons posting their photos with DGP, and other officers on social media without permission," the handout reads.

"It has come to the notice that some persons who have been photographed along with DGP, J&K, or with other senior officers of police, which many times come to be allowed because of participation in social and cultural events and occasions in which such persons are incidentally present, are posting such photos on their social media accounts without DGP's permission or permission of the senior officers", the police clarified.

"Firstly, this is not part of good manners: to post a photo in the public domain that was taken at a social or cultural event, perhaps as a goodwill gesture, without the person's permission", police further mentioned.

Secondly, it is outright criminal and punishable if the photo is being used and leveraged to intimidate or influence others to extort or part with money or promise governmental benefits by brandishing the photo as a connection to authority.

Members of the general public, community members, fellow citizens, brothers and sisters, gullible villagers and city dwellers, students and workers who are all dear to DGP and are valuable community members and citizens to the Jammu and Kashmir police may please note that such shenanigans by unscrupulous elements should be exposed and no one should fear of any harm from such elements.

Cheaters collect money from some individuals

Reports said that high-ups in the Police Department took note of the misuse of pictures of DGP Reports said that some fraudsters collected money from innocent people by displaying their pictures with the senior officers.

These frauds, reports said, collected money with a promise to get their issues solved.

Fake account
Fake WhatsApp profile of DGP J&K PoliceJ&K Police

Earlier, fraudsters create fake WhatsApp profiles of DGP

Earlier, some fraudsters created a fake WhatsApp profile of Director General of Police, Jammu and Kashmir, RR Swain.

The Police have asked people not to reply to the messages from this profile.

Earlier this month, fraudsters created a WhatsApp account in the name of Jammu and Kashmir Police Chief RR Swain.

By creating an account in the name of DGP, money was demanded from police officers, personnel, and other government departmental officers. After the matter came to light, Jammu and Kashmir Police registered an FIR regarding it.

According to police, the fraudster has been using a number 8891979985 with the photo of DGP Swain as his Display Picture (DP). They have accordingly requested that the public avoid responding to the fraudster.

"This is to convey to fellow police officers, colleagues from other government services, departments, and members of the general public that a fraudster (who is being identified) is using a mobile phone number 8891979985 and is falsely posing as Sh R R Swain DGP J&K.This fraudster is asking money from different people including colleague police officers who he thinks can fall into his trap", police said.